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Google Scholar’s Free Legal Research

Over at my law blog, I posted a quick walkthrough of the new free legal research tool from Google.

There will be more posts to come talking about the great promise here — as well as the surprisingly most limited feature of this new product — search.


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Cross-post: Who owns your legal briefs?

Cross-post from SCOTXblog: “Who owns your appellate briefs?”.

There are some deep copyright questions with legal briefs. They are expensive and time-consuming to prepare, and they are (ideally) quite expressive. But, at the same time, they are filed as part of a lawsuit.

The online publishers (West, Lexis) scan copies of these briefs and then charge people for access to these briefs.

Does that cross the line from defensible fair use to copyright infringement? How is that different than Google scanning a book and reselling it, as if the scan is a new work?

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